Calculus of Variations on Schiermonnikoog 2019

Welcome to the homepage of the workshop Calculus of Variations on Schiermonnikoog, which will be held on the island of Schiemonnikoog in the Netherlands from July 1 to July 5, 2019.


The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts and early career researchers to discuss recent progress on foundations and applications of the modern calculus of variations, and to encourage collaborations. Topics include

  • analysis of variational multiscale problems
    (relaxation, (stochastic) homogenization, thin structures,…)
  • new approaches to evolutionary problems and PDEs via variational methods
    (quasistatic evolution, gradient flows, …)
  • applications of variational modeling
    (continuum mechanics, materials science, biology, …)

Financial support and sponsors

This workshop is supported by

  • Westerdijk Fellowship, Utrecht University
  • Mathematical Institute, Utrecht University Utrecht University
  • NWO through the grant TOP2.17.012
  • NWO cluster Nonlinear Dynamics in Natural Systems 

Practical information